Name Meanings


Mrs. Parker 
The Mrs. Parker collection
 is named after a lovely woman who I now am happy
to call a friend. She came to the beach, to purchase a piece to add to her
collection every Sunday.


The Torrey collection is n
amed after my beautiful and talented sister Torrey
who is the essence of style and grace and to whom I have to thank for the
beautiful photos on this site.


The Yuliya collection is named for jewelry designer Yuliya, whose
European sensibility inspired these simple yet elegant designs.


The Marcia collection is named for jewelry designer Marcia, whose life
story and exquisite taste have provided me with the inspiration to
follow my own dreams. The ring is an abundance of wire and is meant
to make a bold statement.


The Jill collection is named for one of my best friends who makes me
a better version of myself. I cannot imagine life without her in it.


The Victoria collection is named for Victoria of Fig Ojai Curated Living
for her support and for providing me with inspiration.


The Willow collection is named after the town it was made in,
Sausalito, meaning little willow grove or a place of abundance.


The Michelle collection is named for my ideal travel companion,
a disciplined, strong and dependable friend who makes exploring the
world so much fun.


The Stephanie collection is named after my dear friend, for whom I made
this, my very first necklace. Thank you for all your support and inspiration.