Frequently Asked Questions

My name is Kaylin Fox and I am the owner and designer of A Blonde and Her Bag Jewelry, handmade wire wrapped jewelry with semi precious stones, allowing women to style more and spend less. I am here today to answer some of your most asked questions: 


Demi-fine is a term used by jewelry brands to describe attainable yet premium quality jewelry that sits between cheap costume jewelry and expensive fine jewelry items. The secret is in the balance of metals used to make demi-fine jewelry pieces. At a blonde and her bag we use 14k gold fill and sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is a high-quality choice consisting of 92.5% silver content - which makes it popular amongst jewelry collectors and designers alike. Sterling silver jewelry sets purchased from a reputable jeweler or jewelry brand are durable, timeless metal, and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.

Although a gold filled piece of jewelry is not sold gold, it has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. It won't tarnish and will not rub off or turn colors. Wearers who are sensitive to certain metals can wear gold fill without worries of an allergic reaction.

In order for your jewelry to maintain its beautiful luster and shine and keep it from tarnishing I recommend staying away from things that will eat away at the hard tarnish resistant coating. 

Such as chlorine, cleaning chemicals, non-water based lotions. 

Try to remove the ring when washing your hands and be overall aware that there is copper under that gold and silver.

I recommend getting a fine jewelry cleaner, and cleaning monthly as the ring is wrapped so many times you want to make sure it stays clean. 

I recommend Jewel Bright you can order it online at www.jewelbrite.com, you can use it on all your jewelry it is very gentle and smells amazing.

 Never put your jewelry into any device in order to clean it, such as at-home water and ultrasonic cleaners, or tumblers.

Polish your wire jewelry with a soft polishing cloth.

Gently clean your stones with a lint free cloth dampened with water only.

We do not advise wearing your rings while doing dishes.

We recommend that you do not expose your jewelry to chlorine or salt water.

A Blonde and Her Bag prides ourselves on what matters to you matters to us. 

Shall you have any questions or concerns? We want you to be happy from hello to goodbye with our customer service experience.

Customer service is available on the online chat or by email M-F 10-3pm PST

Customer Service email info@ablondeandherbag.com

We have countless 5 star reviews, low return rate, and high repeat customer business.

Let’s face it, nobody needs jewelry! But we want it!

The A Blonde and Her Bag customer wants to buy jewelry because the story behind the stone in the necklace makes them feel good, or they think it will bring them love or wealth or help them through a difficult health situation. 

or the jewelry solves a problem or fulfills a need like hard to put on clasps, or rings big enough to fit over knuckles so they can wear jewelry again. 

Anyone can make jewelry but I believe A Blonde and Her Bag jewelry will help the everyday woman in her daily life by solving a problem, allow her to have the status to own affordable luxury, and make her feel confident, beautiful, and empowered, the best version of herself.


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

We ship all carriers overnight, 2 day, flat rate. 

Free shipping with orders totaling over $150.

We keep a large inventory so we are able to ship quickly.

Every piece of jewelry comes with your very own stone meaning card or romance card as you might call it so you can keep it with you, and have a sweet reminder of your stone meaning or to tell your friends. 

These stone meaning cards allow the A Blonde and Her Bag customer to feel connected to the brand and product. 

Every piece of jewelry comes specially gift wrapped with a handmade glitter clothespin they can put their pretties in ready to keep for yourself or gift.

Please check our shipping & return policy for details


I hope to bring wire wrapped jewelry to women all over the country to allow them to feel beautiful everyday and style more and spend less.  Thank you for joining me today to answer all your questions, shall you have anymore, feel free to reach out to the #Blondesquad info@ablondeandherbag.com