Care of...


~ In order for your jewelry to maintain its beautiful luster and shine ~ a few suggestions:


~ Ring Care Instructions ~

In order to keep your ring from tarnishing I recommend

staying away from things that will eat away at the

 hard tarnish resistant coating. Such as chlorine,

cleaning chemicals, non-water based lotions. Try to remove

 the ring when washing your hands and be overall aware

that there is copper under that gold and silver. I recommend

 getting a fine jewelry cleaner, and cleaning monthly as

 the ring is wrapped so many times you want to make

sure it stays clean. I recommend Jewel Bright you

can order it online at, you can use it on

 all your jewelry it is very gentle and smells amazing. 


 ~ Never put your jewelry into any device in order to clean it, such as at-home water and ultrasonic cleaners, or tumblers.

 ~ Polish your wire jewelry with a soft polishing cloth.

 ~ Gently clean your stones with a lint free cloth dampened with water only.

 ~ We do not advise wearing your rings while doing dishes.

 ~ We recommend that you do not expose your jewelry to chlorine or salt water.