The Names...

 ~ The Torrey ring ~ named after my beautiful and talented sister Torrey who is the essence of style and grace and to whom I have to thank for the beautiful photos on this site.

you may reach Torrey through her website regarding her services:  torreyfoxphotography.com 

 ~ The Miss Cyndie necklace ~ named after my Mom, from whom I get my creativity.

 ~ The Mrs. Parker necklace ~ named after a lovely woman who came to the beach, along with her husband, to purchase a piece to add to her collection every Sunday

 ~ The Clare necklace ~ is named for Clare, my business mentor, who has provided countless hours of support and guidance as I build my business.

 ~ The Marcia rings ~ named for jewelry designer Marcia, whose life story and exquisite taste have provided me with the inspiration to follow my own dreams.

 ~ The Alana necklaces ~ named for my best friend Alana, my soul sister and partner in crime.

 ~ The Lia necklace ~ named for a wonderful friend who has a beautiful, big personality in a little package, and shines just like this beautiful sparkling necklace.

 ~ The Jill earrings ~ named for one of my best friends who makes me a better version of myself, and I cannot imagine life without her.

 ~ The Ambia necklace ~ named for my forever friend who keeps me grounded and focused. 

 ~ The Hana bracelet/necklace ~ named for one of my closest friends and is always there when I need her.

 ~ The Stephanie Necklace ~ named for my dear friend, for whom I made this, my very first necklace.

 ~ The Cabo Panama Hat ~ while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, I waded into the beautiful water with a drink in one hand, designer sunglasses on my face and and a fashionable sunhat on my head...and was promptly knocked down by a wave which destroyed my hat, and spilled my drink! I recovered my sunglasses and went back up onto the beach where an old woman was peddling her handmade hats.  I bought one, and as I wore it during the rest of my vacation I received so many compliments on it, went back and had 35 hats made to bring back home...try explaining that to customs!!  

 ~ The Diana necklace ~ named for Diane, who built this website and is my social media and marketing consultant and because she is in love with this necklace!

you may email Diane directly at casteloconsulting@gmail.com regarding her services.

 ~ The Canary Clasp Bracelet ~  named for Tori, who works at the Canary Hotel, who started as a great customer and has turned into a great friend. Dragging her husband, children, family and friends to introduce them to my line for which I am eternally grateful for her support of a new and up and coming artist such as myself.

 ~ The Jen Glitter Ball Bracelet ~ named for my new partner in crime with whom I share space at all the shows and festivals.

You can find Jen on Etsy.com/BaliPrema

 ~ The Michelle Petite Bar Sparkle Necklace ~ named for Michelle, the ideal travel companion and explorer;  disciplined, strong and dependable, I could not ask for a better person to share my passion to travel far and wide.

 ~ The Foxy Bracelet ~  in honor of my Dad, the original Fox...

 ~ The Lotus Lariat Necklace ~ named for the Lotus Day Spa in Santa Barbara and its owners Jen and Carrie, who were my first wholesale account and gave this blonde a chance, for which I will always be grateful!

 ~ The Brittany Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings ~ named for my childhood friend Brittany, the friend that makes me laugh like when we were kids, the one I can always be silly with, and even though she has moved further away than I like, will be my forever friend.

 ~ The Robyn Druzy necklace ~ named for Robyn, my best friend since we were in the 4th grade, she is like my sister from another mister!